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We are a brand creative consultancy that helps brokers, solopreneurs, coaches, and industry experts around the world build their personal brands, monetize their expertise, and increase their impact online using strategic design and creative content.


Our services and expertise fuel our clients and partners from Asia, all the way to Canada, The United States even reaching the UK, Australia, and more.

The Rolling Media specializes in personal branding that is rooted in who you really are so your market would want to engage, trust, and do business with you.

Why are we called The Rolling Media?

Our CEO and Founder Jozelle Tech rocks life by rolling in her wheelchair. She took a key aspect of her life and turned it into a message of positivity and possibility. With The Rolling Media, you know that you will always be moving forward.

about jozelle tech

Hey, I’m Jozelle Tech! 

I love working on personal brands. Maybe that comes from my fascination with stories and meeting new people.

I’m passionate about brand strategy and design. I offered
turn-key online marketing for brands and developed comprehensive brand building and management for personal branding clients for a decade.

Today, I’m the CEO and Founder of The Rolling Media.

Branding is my profession and positive transformations are my passion.

I work towards these transformations everyday — both at my company and my personal advocacy called iEhmAble which is a play on words on my nickname “Ehm” – I Am Able. Together with my TRM squad, I hope to encourage transformations and growth for our personal branding clients and the audience I hope to inspire and empower.

Get To Know
The Rolling Media Squad

Ella Manalaysay

Chief Marketing Officer

Ella’s number 1 passion is traveling. Planning itineraries and outfit charts for said travels come in close second and third.

Ice Baliked

Video and Motion Lead

Name an anime, Ice has most probably watched it. He knows all the latest shows and can fill your watch list with gems that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Albert Camañan

Design and Development Lead

You’ll often find Bert lounging at the beach, sharing a laugh with his friends, holding a guitar in one hand and an ice cold in the other. The perfect summer company.

Cathy carcha

Cathy Carcha

Graphic Designer

Cathy holds an unmatched creative spirit. She designs digitally as beautifully as she illustrates with free hand and greatly excels in both.

Jozelle and The Rolling Media squad, have worked with some of the most revered international entrepreneurs and personalities such as Dan Lok, Philip VanDusen, Stephanie Carter, Jonathan Christian, Nathan Hirsch, John Pagulayan, Dina Samuel, Ms. Philippines International – Athens Vienna, among many others.

jozelle tech

Are you looking to be a  recognized and trusted expert in your chosen niche? A vivid and impactful personal brand will get you those and more! 

Work with the most human branding agency out there!
Work with real people who work towards real results rooted in the real you. 

Work with the team that makes it work!

jozelle tech

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