Elevate Your Influence Effortlessly

Are you a coach, consultant, or content creator striving to maximize your impact without sacrificing your time? Content Chameleon is your secret weapon. Hit record, and we’ll amplify your voice across the digital landscape, boosting your brand’s reach, visibility, and profitability.

You only have to do one thing.
Hit record. We do all the rest.

Focus on What You Do Best: Inspire & Educate
Leave the rest to us. Our services transform your raw content into polished, multi-platform assets that captivate and engage.

Why Content Chameleon?

  • Hands-Off Convenience: Just record your content — we handle the rest from creation to distribution.
  • Broaden Your Reach: Extend your message across various platforms effortlessly.
  • Build Credibility: Enhance your authority and connect with more followers.
  • Increase Engagement: Reach more potential clients with content that resonates.



YouTube Video, TikTok Video, Podcast Audio, Video Interview, Webinar, Speaking Engagement Recordings, Blogs


Multiple ready-to-post creative assets fit for all social media platforms, all types of audiences, and content consumption preferences!

For personal brands with

  • YouTube channels

  • Podcast shows

  • Long-form TikTok/Reels

  • Recorded webinars

  • Guest interviews

  • Speaking engagements

  • Zoom call recordings

Do you

  • struggle to manage your time between handling your business, creating content, and marketing on social media all at once?
  • feel exhausted from doing all your branding and marketing initiatives on your own?
  • spend too much time creating different versions of your content to maximize its value and promote effectively?
  • want to grow your audience and reach more potential clients outside YouTube, Spotify, TikTok?

We will

  • give you extra bandwidth to focus on developing your business
  • build your credibility and dynamism as a content creator
  • create other content types that cater to different audiences
  • reinforce your message across multiple platforms
  • target your audiences better and show up where they hang
  • drive more organic traffic to your main page

Our process

  • Record and submit 4 videos a month
  • Receive 28 creative assets
  • Post once a day across platforms
  • Custom templates designed to match your brand
  • Assets formatted for different platforms
  • Social captions and scheduler included
  • A dedicated content team for you

Transform Your Content Strategy with Content Chameleon

No more daily hassle, no more content burnout. Just consistent, impactful online presence.
Ready to change the game? Let’s get started!

Jozelle has a great sense of what to share and what is aligned. She taught me how to get better mileage out of my content and different ways to present it that may be more digestible for people.

Jozelle and her team have a good knack for what you want to pull out for content; such excellent attention to detail and high-quality work.
Stephanie Carter
Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Verse Media
Jozelle brilliantly executed my content marketing strategy. Their creative work for my content led me to stay up-to-date across social media platforms and gain more attention from my target audience.

Most significantly, Jozelle has brought innovative ideas to the table about how I could expand my reach and impact with my personal branding.
Philip VanDusen
Principal of Verhaal Brand Design

Types of Creative Assets

YouTube Video

• Cleaning, editing, with animation, transition, and subtitles, adding of intro and outro sting (max of 30-min raw file)
• YouTube Publishing Included – written video description, designed thumbnail, search tags, and a caption copy

Teaser Video

A maximum of 3 minutes with subtitles, designed thumbnail, and a caption copy

Podcast Episode

• Cleaning, editing, and adding of intro &
outro sting, removing of dead air and filler words like ‘uhms’ and ‘ahhs’ (max of 60-min raw file)
• Podcast Publishing Included – written
show note, designed cover art, metadata,
and a caption copy


A maximum of 1 minute with subtitles, designed background, and a caption copy


10 designed graphic slides with a caption copy


300-500 words article with designed
thumbnail and a caption copy

Social Post

A static or animated graphic asset with a caption copy

Content Chameleon Buckets


Video Editing + Repurposing

Content Strategy: initial consultation call

Video Content: 4 fully edited videos, ready for YouTube and Spotify uploads.

Branding: 2 custom templates to enhance your brand’s visual consistency.

Asset Delivery: 28 total assets are provided monthly.

Daily Attention: Posts are scheduled 7x a week.

Cross-Platform Ready: Assets pre-formatted for use on different platforms.

Quarterly Check-ins: Review performance call


  • Video Thumbnail
  • Social Captions
  • Up to 3 Free Revisions
  • Dedicated Content Team (writer, designer, editor, manager)


Repurposing Only

Branding: 2 custom templates to enhance your brand’s visual consistency.

Asset Delivery: 28 total assets are provided monthly.

Daily Attention: Posts are scheduled 7x a week.

Cross-Platform Ready: Assets pre-formatted for use on different platforms.


  • Video Thumbnail
  • Social Captions
  • Up to 3 Free Revisions
  • Dedicated Content Team (writer, designer, editor, manager)


Consulting Only

– Content Repurposing Map
– 2 hour Content Strategy Call

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