Creating A Luxurious 5-Star Brand Experience

November 8, 2019

You spent weeks researching the perfect type of social media post for your market, it took you three days to conceptualize and a day each for content creation and designing. All is set and you finally hit that SUBMIT button.


That’s it right? Now what? You wait for your target market to chance upon it and self-convert to a lead for you??

Please. Please do not commit this mistake!

Lots of coaches and entrepreneurs put so much effort into perfecting their social media marketing and that’s okay, great even! But the mistake that most of them make is thinking that that’s all it takes. 

Then comes the biggest factor that may be in between your precious marketing campaigns and a potential hot lead: BRAND EXPERIENCE.

Providing stellar and memorable brand experiences for your clients and even potential customers leave lasting impressions that contribute to your business in the long run!

Brand experience is how your clients feel about and perceive your brand. What emotions do they encounter when watching a video you posted? What feelings come up when they read your blog? What behavior do your giveaways and polls require of them?

The following are five stellar components that will enable you to create luxurious brand experiences and highlight you as a 5-star brand! 

⭐ Touchpoint

Remember that the marketing efforts you publish are not the only ways your market can interact with your brand. A touchpoint is every single detail that may lead your clients to your brand. 

It could be the recognition of your brand’s creative assets, an encounter they have with someone working for your brand, even a random notification that may not have been initiated by you but makes them remember an aspect of your business.

⭐ Responsiveness 

One thing that’s commonly overlooked is the opportunity to convert more leads by just generally being more responsive and active in engaging potential clients. 

When someone feels attended to, whether it was a simple comment or a random question, they feel that they matter and are therefore more inspired to subscribe to your brand.

⭐ Adaptability 

Aside from ensuring responsiveness to promote approachability, the substance of your communication and engagement is vital. 

Say you’re a life coach who handles several issues in personality development and career, digging deeper into an inquiry and demonstrating how your programs can greatly be tailored to fit the needs of the specific person asking will do wonders for lead conversion!

⭐ After-sales care

In order to round up brand experience beautifully and leave a lasting impression, (take note of this! It usually spells the difference between one time and repeat clients) make sure to make yourself available to them even after they have availed of your product or service.

A solid after-sales care program ensures your clients that you see them not as profit but as people. Check in with them and see how they found your brand. It tells them they are valued clients and even opens up an opportunity for you to get feedback.

⭐ Consistency

Consistency ties all the former components together to produce carefully designed and memorable brand experiences. 

You may have mastered how to maximize your touchpoints, become known for being very responsive and approachable, and a thorough after-sales program but if these marketing initiatives are inconsistent, brand retention will not foster. 

Worse: you may be remembered for all the wrong things! Yikes!

Take root in your brand persona and keep your clients’ brand experience in mind. Start with that! 

From here you are well on your way to being a 5-star brand! Create campaigns that are dynamic yet consistently on-brand so your clients will be onboard and you will be en route to success today. 😊

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