2020 Vision: How To Create New Year’s Resolutions For Your Coaching Brand

January 16, 2020

You’ve got your personal New Year’s resolutions down but have you thought of creating some for your Coaching and Consultancy Brand? 

It’s a new year and with it, comes endless opportunities for coaching and consultancy brands like yourself to scale the business. But as with anything, this involves hard work and effective goal-setting.

Here are some new year’s resolutions that you can apply to your brand so you’ve got 2020 vision of brand success this 2020!

  1. Try something new – Marketing your brand has endless possibilities. This 2020, spice things up by setting up a blog, a vlog, or even an event to promote your brand! (We can help! 😉 )
  2.  Be more sincere and intentional about things – Coaching and consultancy businesses are one of the more personal industries. When you’re more intentional about providing value to your market, they’ll take notice
  3. Set time for staying offline – Making use of social media is crucial in promoting your brand but don’t forget that not putting 100% of your brand’s attention to FB, IG, and LI can be beneficial too! Join a seminar, a bazaar, or a convention! Your target market lives life offline too!
  4. Learn a new skill/offer a classic service with a twist – It’s a new year so why not take this opportunity to introduce a new service or add a valuable twist to an existing offering? This will entice potential clients to engage with you and allow previous clients to fall in love with your brand all over again.
  5. Set realistic goals and standards – We’re rooting for your brand’s success but setting impossible goals and standards will only lead to disappointment. Taking things one step at a time always works!

BONUS: Download our Brand Audit Checklist to diagnose your current brand’s position and set goals from what’s lacking there! 😉

If you think about it, setting New Year’s Resolutions for yourself isn’t much different than preparing a separate list for your coaching and consultancy brand. It’s all about perspective and effective goal-setting that is both realistic and promising so you inch closer and closer to your brand’s long-term business goals.

Ready to have 2020 vision of success this 2020? Share your lists with us and let’s identify where we can be of help! 

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