3 Signs Your Personal Coaching Brand Needs To Establish Deeper Trust With Your Market

February 12, 2020

Your personal coaching brand is on its way to being fully set up. You’ve got your services in place, some clients, and your social media presence is not spectacular (well not yet) but it’s getting there!

Don’t worry! You have to start somewhere and the hardest part is really just taking that first step to establishing and building your personal coaching brand.

Doing this while trying to grow your clientele entails a lot of effort and takes time but another huge factor that you should keep in mind is building solid trust with your market.

(Check out this video we released on The Three Tiers of Trust)

After all, your personal coaching brand could have the best-kept secrets in the trade that are most valuable to your market but if they don’t trust you, your business will never take flight. 

Here are 3 Signs Your Personal Coaching Brand Needs To Establish Deeper Trust With Your Market:

1. You’re able to convert some leads into sales but your client retention is low.

This means that while your product or service is interesting and seemingly valuable enough for your audience to give it a try, it still isn’t enough to turn one-time clients/testers into loyal customers.

If this is an issue, look into your client journey and see where you can improve the overall experience for them. Remember that offering valuable products or services will be for nothing if your customers have a horrible experience getting it. No premium product can ever make up for terrible service.

Trust is built consistently. It’s something that you need to keep working on so if you want client retention to improve, work on consistently providing top notch client experiences for your market. 

2. You spend more time sparking new conversations with your market rather than responding to engagements coming from them.

Don’t get us wrong. A personal coaching brand can always benefit from being proactive especially in reaching out to its target market. But take note of how you’re making use of your time handling the brand. If 9/10 times you’re getting the brand out there and you’re only responding to inquiries or conversations initiated by your market in 1/10 scenarios then there’s a good chance that your marketing efforts are falling on deaf ears.

It’s important to get content out there and spark conversations with your audience because that’s how you get known but if the conversation is more often than not one way, you seriously need to reassess your efforts and work on building trust first. 

Trusted brands don’t need to excessively overdo engagements with their market. A truly trusted brand will have clients actively reach out to them when a need for their product or service arises. No pressure, nothing forced, just pure and organic brand loyalty.

3. You find it hard to differentiate yourself from other personal coaching brands offering similar products or services.

Let’s face it. There is really no such thing as a 100% original idea. Everything is just a by-product of concepts giving birth to new offerings and experiences. You may think that your personal coaching brand offers a service that is a cut above the rest and you may be right but there will always be someone else offering something similar and your market will find it difficult to tell you apart. 

In this case, trust plays a key role in cementing your position. Here’s how! Imagine travelling to another country and finding yourself in the convenience store to buy drinks. You go for the usuals: Coke for soda, Minute Maid for juice, and then you get to the water aisle. The country you’re in has a selection of local water brands that are relatively cheap but you wouldn’t really compromise on something as staple as water right? So what do you do? You reach for the bottle of Evian or even Nestle, anything that resembles a brand that you know of and you guessed it — TRUST.

Building your personal coaching brand and consequently solid trust with your market go hand in hand. Don’t worry if it takes time and effort because that how it usually works

Keep these signs in mind when considering your relationship with your market and you are sure to come up with more intentional initiatives for your personal coaching brand.

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