3 Most Common Brand Turn Offs

December 8, 2019

You read that right! Your target market has brand turn offs too and it’s important to be on your toes looking out for these.

When I decided on being The Brand Fashionista, I envisioned being a visionary who is able to dream up the most premium and successful get ups for brands. I delight in initiating brand makeovers and tailoring signature marketing strategies for businesses who want to breathe life into their brand.

Unfortunately, unlike real life fashion, designing brands and businesses for success deals with so much more than what is visible to the eye. 

So apart from ensuring your creative assets are complimentary, we need to dive deep into your brand’s persona to see to it that you’re not committing any of the turn offs that drive your target market away! Yikes!

Could you be committing any of these brand faux pas?

  1. Over Accessorizing 

Be careful with over accessorizing your brand! A little bit of extra can do your creative assets good by adding a bit of pizzaz but avoid overwhelming your audience with too much that the original message is lost in translation.

You want to look like an expensive and sophisticated fashionista, not a Christmas tree! Oops!

  1. Wearing Too Much Perfume 

You know when someone who smells like they used half the bottle of perfume in one go approaches you and you wanna be polite but all you want to do is run away and seek fresh air?? 

Well, brands who are so bent on hard selling their products and services to the point of it being overkill are no different than these overly fragranced individuals who always come on TOO STRONG.

Chill out on your BUY NOW AS IN RIGHT NOW type of promos. The only thing your market hates more than promos that are trying too hard is being dictated. 

Brb stepping out for some much needed air! *coughs*

  1. Inappropriate Outfits (wrong timing, inappropriate message), 4 layers in summer, Showing up to a wedding wearing a white gown

Some fashion choices are just plain wrong. Like wearing four layers of clothing on a beach in the summer or rocking a white dress to a friend’s wedding. Yikes!

In branding, these cringeworthy choices risk the business seeming insensitive, unsensible, and just plain foolish! 

Several faux pas comes to mind like a ride-sharing brand capitalizing on a celebrity’s cheating scandal with six different women to promote their new 6-seater vehicles. 

That’s just plain wrong on so many levels! Needless to say, the brand suffered much flak on social media. 

You see as The Brand Fashionista, I look out for the best upcoming trends that will accentuate my clients’ best brand features but I also protect them against these faux pas!

So keep these three common turn offs in mind and do your best to avoid them when crafting your brand stories and curating content for your business!

The last thing we want is a crime against fashion only because your branding lacks passion!

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