Our Top 3 Favorite Christmas Campaigns

December 18, 2019

Christmas is a time for giving, sharing, and being with family. It’s also time for brand campaigns that tug at the heartstrings, remind us of the joy of being with family, and leave us with the warm fuzzy feelings that only successful brands can produce.


As coaches and consultants, your personal brands can benefit much from Christmas campaigns! After all, this season of giving is also a season of buying into new brands and businesses like yours. 😉


We’ve rounded up some of our favorite Christmas campaigns.  We’ll be looking at what makes these effective and how you can apply these tactics to your own personal coaching and consultancy businesses.


1. KLM’s Bonding Buffet

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines came up with an activation in one of the busiest places during the holidays: an airport! They set up a dining table perched into the air with 20 chairs surrounding it on the ground. Passersby noticed that sitting on the chairs made the table lower and so invited others, fellow strangers at the airport, to sit in order to eventually bring down the feast. Once all 20 chairs were occupied, the dining table complete with festive decor and hot meals descended completely for them to enjoy. 


The result? A novel way to get complete strangers to sit together to share a Christmas dinner with each other. It was a creative and heartwarming way to show that even one of the loneliest places can be a place that brings people together.


This one takes the cake for its ingenuity and ability to mix novelty with emotions. And we both those are huge crowd favorites for this season! 


Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5IAy-QnsZM#action=share


2. Shopee’s Use of A Timeless Christmas Symbol

In the Philippines, an unquestionable image of Christmas is singer Jose Mari Chan whose rendition of beloved Christmas songs, Christmas in our Hearts being the most popular, have become a staple in every holiday gathering.


The use of an endorser is more on the conventional side though it goes without saying that with an endorser whose image is as cemented to the season as Jose Mari Chan’s, Shopee could not have done any wrong with this holiday campaign.

While it may be a little too monumental to get an endorser for your coaching business right away, Shopee’s example can be seen as a lesson on the benefits of hitching your brand with already recognizable facets of the season. For example, the use of Christmas traditions and mention of Christmas staples like eggnog, gift-giving, and the like can serve as your interpretation of “using an endorser”. Just be creative with it!


3. Hershey’s Wit


Sometimes Christmas campaigns aren’t huge commercials. Even tactical advertisements in the form of simple profile banners such as Hershey’s subtle reminder for the holidays work and are memorable for any audience.

It all boils down to how much you know your brand and your ability to turn this persona into a relatable figure that your market can latch onto during the hustle and bustle of the season.


Make sure you make the most out of this season! And don’t worry about creating just a simple campaign or even just a single one for that matter! As long as it communicates your purpose well, it’ll surely be a home run to your target market. Remember that during Christmas, it’s not about counting the moments but making the moments count. 😉


Unsure where to begin? We can help you find your coaching or consultancy brand’s unique persona in time for the holidays and in order to welcome the new year with a clearly defined brand purpose! Roll on over to www.therollingmedia.com and let’s get started!

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